Brayden’s First Giants Game






It has been WAY too long since my last post, so I wanted to get some up before I forget about these moments. Here is one of my favorites.



Back in September, Brayden attended his very first professional baseball game, which also happened to be the Giants last home game of the season. He had a great time! He had just begun clapping a few weeks before we went to the game, so he loved to clap along with the crowd whenever someone got a hit or scored a run.






My parents came to the game and loved seeing Brayden’s face light up when the fans cheered. 





We arrived at the game late (it was either be late or skip a nap and a toddler without a nap is one fussy kid!), but we did manage to stay until the end of the game and see the Giants pull off their last home win of the season. By that point, Brayden wasn’t as enthralled by the whole experience and just wanted to find a place to run around, but we stuck it out and saw the end. Then we walked down the street to a grassy park area where Brayden could finally roam free. All in all, it was a great day! 




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