Our Son is One


From burps and spit up and incessant crying and sleepless nights… to laughs and smiles and walking and the most wonderful hugs. Brayden has changed so much in this first year and although at the time the sleepless nights seemed to drag on infinitely, looking back it all seems like it happened in the blink of an eye. Our beautiful baby boy is now a big one year old toddler, with a happy, silly, stubborn personality all his own.








Dana Todd Photography was able to capture this fun moment in time. Here are the photos from his one-year shoot, as well as some highlights of Brayden at year one.











Here are some highlights of Brayden as a one-year-old:

  • Loves the water. A fussy afternoon is immediately remedied by a trip to the pool or a swimming lesson. Brayden immediately relaxes and lights up when he gets in the water.
  • LOVES touching anything electronic. This is a little funny because we have purposely avoided letting Brayden watch TV or play with an iPad. In his entire first year of life, we have never let him watch a TV show and he hasn’t touched an iPad or Kindle. And yet, he gravitates to the DVD player or radio immediately. He loves pressing the buttons and for some reason the buttons on the electronic things are WAY cooler than buttons on toys or remote controls or anything else. Even if the DVD player is completely unplugged, it is apparently still one of the most amusing things in the room.
  • He’s a stubborn baby. Brayden can get pretty fussy if we have to take a toy away from him or if he can’t reach the thing he really wants. Thankfully we can usually distract him with something equally exciting, like a measuring cup or a magnet.
  • Fast walker/runner. Brayden went from taking cautious, wobbly toddles to racing through the house, room to room. Yes, he still falls now and then, but he is cautious no more!


  • He loves his puppy. Brayden and Lilly have truly bonded and not a day goes by when Brayden doesn’t give Lilly a big hug. And Lilly is growing more fond of Brayden every day. When we first brought Brayden home from the hospital, Lilly wouldn’t even sit in the same room with him. Now she goes to him, licks his head or toes and sits patiently while Brayden lays his head on her or pats her. They are quickly becoming the best of friends. Brayden always takes any new toys to Lilly to show her what he has and if he finds a Lilly-toy or bone lying around, he’ll quickly toddle off to hand it to her.



Brayden had a great time smashing his first birthday cake. He had so much fun he wanted to share with the rest of us. And a huge cake fight ensued…















Happy Birthday, Brayden! We love your sweet, silly, happy, stubborn, energetic self more and more each day!


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