Brayden’s First Birthday Party

My little boy is already one year old! Where did the time go? I can’t believe the little infant we brought home from the hospital is the same babbling, walking boy that just celebrated his first birthday.


Brayden probably won’t remember this special day, but he surely felt the love of his family and friends that gathered together to celebrate his birth.


We held his party at a local park and invited our closest family and friends. It was so wonderful to see so many generations together, from our little baby Brayden to his great-grandparents, all mingling together in the shade of the trees.











The party was a labor of love, but it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I had thought it would be. This is the first birthday party for our babe and I set the bar high for the expectations of Mommy Incredible. I definitely spent a few hours on Pinterest trying to compile all the ideas that would make the day a magical experience for our little guy. The theme was dinosaurs, which have been an early favorite of Brayden’s. Here is the mommy-made cake, inspired by something I found on Pinterest:


We kept the guest list limited to our close friends and family and tried not to get too carried away (as is easy to do when playing with Pinterest). I made food and a few decorations, but the entertainment was simply playing with family and enjoying the park. As a one-year-old, Brayden is pretty easy to please. He doesn’t need anything fancy to keep him happy. He was pretty amused by a paper orange cup that he carried around for most of the day. Guests might have been second-guessing their gift purchases and thinking that they should have just wrapped up a few paper plates, cups and utensils and the little guy might have been just as happy. 🙂








One of the great perks of having Brayden’s party in this park on a hot July day was the availability of water features (which Brayden and the other babies loved!). After eating his dinner and smashing his cake, we cleaned Brayden off in the sprinkler and it was a nice, fun break for him after being a little overwhelmed by all the attention from family and friends. He did great, though, and never threw a fit or cried (that I know of!) during the whole party.






It was such a great day filled with love, and we came home feeling tired but very happy that our little guy had such a successful party to celebrate his first birthday. While first birthday parties are often as much for the parents as the child, we were so glad that Brayden seemed to have a blast at his and came home smiling. He wasted no time playing with new toys (the popper from his great Grandparents was an instant favorite) and fell asleep smiling that night.


Happy First Birthday, Brayden! We love you SO MUCH!





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