Play Dates




Brayden has had a few play dates, all with little baby girls. We just don’t have many friends with baby boys that live nearby, so it looks like our little guy is destined to be a ladies’ man.




Both play dates were at a park and the little ones had a great time. Brayden is learning how to play with other babies. At his first play date with Thalia, he hit her on the head with her toy a couple times. I tried to excuse his behavior because his only other interaction with another baby at that point had been with the baby on the Huggies diaper box or his reflection in the mirror, so he didn’t really know what was “ok.” But I think he’s getting the hang of things now.








He had a great time with his other friend, Mikayla, a younger baby (he’s literally robbing the cradle) at the park and they even got to swing on the swings together.


Despite his grumpy face, he really did have a great time! 









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