On the Road: Tilden Park

We took Brayden to Tilden Park for the first time over the weekend, and we all loved it! We even took our dog, Lily. She was very popular. Every little kid (and there were TONS) wanted to pet her. Lily is usually pretty skittish, but she was an absolute angel the whole time and sat so patiently while all the little toddlers came over to see her. I guess having Brayden chase her around all day has gotten her used to attention from little ones, and at least these children were able to pet her much more gently than Brayden ever does.

Since we had Lily, we couldn’t ride the steam train at the park, but Brayden had a great time watching it go by and waving to all the kids onboard. We’re hoping to go back again soon, without the pup, so we can all hop on the train.

The park also had a merry-go-round, so Brayden got to take his first ride on a carousel. He held on to one of the golden poles that was not attached to an animal and would not let go for the whole ride. He didn’t seem scared, but he had a very tight grip on that pole. The carousel actually went pretty fast, so it was probably best that I was holding him anyway.






After the carousel ride, Brayden got to crawl around on the grass at the park. He loves to sit and pull out all the grass or crawl around and chase Lily.



Then we headed back to the train and Brayden watched it go by while we fed him his dinner. While everyone was waving to the kids on the train and saying bye-bye, I swear we heard Brayden say bye-bye, too. He only said it once, but Chad and I both heard it!


We had such a great time, and I can’t wait to go back and take Brayden on his very first train ride!




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