9 Months


This is long overdue, but my little guy turned 9 months old on April 17! He is changing so much every day and developing funny little quirks and personality traits that make him so sweet and enduring. Here are a few highlights:

  • Standing: Brayden has mastered standing all by himself and loves to do it all the time. He gets so proud and happy when he stands by himself. He immediately looks to his mommy or daddy with a huge grin on his face and waits for the smiles and applause that we give him. 


  • Sorting Socks: One of Brayden’s favorite funny things to do is sort socks. He will seriously sort socks for 30 minutes at a time. We have a bucket of random socks for him and he’ll just sit there and pull them out, one by one, and put them in separate little piles. He concentrates so hard on this and is so serious about making sure the right socks go in the right places.


  • Babbling: The little guy is a babbling machine. He is always chattering away and we keep thinking we hear words here and there. We both could have sworn he said bye-bye when we were waving to the steam train at Tilden Park and everyone was saying bye-bye to the train.
  • Waving: He LOVES to wave and does it all the time, especially when he’s eating. He loves to hear people  say hi and wave back.



  • Favorite Color: Green. Brayden seems to love the color green. He always gravitates to his green ball (he has a ball in almost every color, but he always chooses to play with the green one). 


  • Favorite toy: Ball. If he has all his toys to choose from, he usually chooses to play with his little green ball.  He’ll crawl down the hall with it, hold it in the car, or take it to the park. That little ball goes everywhere. He even took it when he went to see his daddy coach a baseball game for the first time. 🙂





  • Better traveler. He has become a much better traveler. There are still a few bouts of fussing here and there, but I can get from our house to the park without a major meltdown, which is actually a huge improvement. It makes me want to get out and about with him so much more. We’ve gone to many more places now that I know we can make it there and back without constant crying and screaming the whole way.


  • Eating time is fun. This little guy is so entertaining at meal times. He likes to bite down on the spoon and hold it in his mouth. He waves. He laughs. He plays with his toys and then sees how far across the kitchen he can throw them. The whole routine is pretty hilarious.





  • Brayden has 4 teeth, is about 21.5lbs, is wearing 12 month clothes (and some 18 month pjs), and has curly blonde hair.

The past nine months have been both exhausting and wonderful, and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it (ok, I would love to have gotten more sleep, but when all is said and done, even that was worth it). We sure love our crazy little babe.










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