Easter Baby

Here it is, my much-belated Easter post!


Easter Sunday started out as just another normal Sunday. We woke up, fed the babe, and played with him and his toys until it was time for his morning nap. That afternoon we had plans to go to my grandparents and my mom already said she had a big Easter basket for Brayden, and he’s still too little for egg-dying or Easter egg hunts, so I kinda thought I could skate by this holiday without getting an Easter basket. But while Brayden was napping, I logged onto Facebook and saw all the moms I know posting pics of their adorable Easter baskets for their kids and I was overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and failure. I shut the computer down, grabbed my keys, told my husband I’d be back, and headed to the nearest store to do the last minute Easter grab.

I joined a few other folks at the store–mostly men–who were doing the same. I might have been more discerning if I had planned ahead, but because the selection was somewhat limited at this point, I pretty much grabbed any toys that were even remotely age-appropriate. I went a little overboard and decided to save a couple toys for a future holiday or just some day when we really need something new to play with. I got home just as Brayden was waking up, and I quickly put everything in a little Easter basket (or beside it).




Here’s the loot the “bunny” brought:

-Big green bouncy ball

-Little Avengers bouncy ball

-Stuffed dog with bunny ears

-Sippy cup

-Teether keys

-A bunch of sea animal bath toys



Even though it was last minute, I felt so much better about myself, as a mom, for saving the day and giving him a fun Easter basket. I told myself I would NEVER forget something like this again, so I’m ordering a bunch of toys to keep in my closet just in case I need to pull something from my emergency stash. These might be rewards if he is a very good boy one day or little things for his birthday or any other holiday. And I plan to make sure I make every holiday special and happy for my little guy from here on out!

After our Easter fun at home, we packed everything up and headed to my grandparents, where they got to see Brayden crawl all over and pull himself to stand on anything he could get a hold of. He has also started doing a funny wave/speech gesture. Here is a good pic of it:


He did this a lot on Easter, but I wasn’t able to get a great picture of it. I’m not sure if he’s trying to wave, but he loved to see everyone else raise their hands when he raised his.  He also had a great time bonding with his great-grandparents and grandparents. Despite a rough start, Brayden seemed to have a wonderful first Easter!












Happy Easter!


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