We have a crawler!

On March 6, Brayden officially started crawling!

He had been working on it for a couple weeks (even in his sleep!) and trying so hard, we knew it was just a matter of time.


People warned us that it would be so much harder on us once he started crawling because you can’t just plop him down on the floor with his toys and know that he is safe. When he crawls, we’re on the move too, but to tell you the truth, we love it. Brayden is having a great time exploring his home and looks so genuinely happy to be able to cruise over and check something out on his own. And he is able to get so much exercise that he is super tired for naps and bed time.



When he takes a break between crawls, he has a favorite pose. Chad calls it the kickstand:



Of course, Brayden couldn’t be content to just crawl around for a few months. Barely a week after he began crawling, he started pulling himself up on things and trying to stand. The little buggar will be walking before we know it!


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