On the Road: Monterey


On Presidents Day weekend, we met our friends, The Gozas, for a short and sweet trip to Monterey. We were both excited and nervous. We couldn’t wait to get away for the weekend and see some new scenery, but we were also very aware that our babe is not a great traveler and the drive would have him stuck in his car seat for nearly two hours.

Our drive began ok, and we were feeling pretty optimistic. We even hoped that maybe our little one would drift off to sleep on the way. About an hour into the drive, Brayden decided he had had enough and got REALLY fussy. We tried everything to keep him happy.  We brought out all his favorite toys, pointed out things out the window, played music, sang songs, made silly noises, made silly faces (I was sitting in the back with him). Nothing worked.

It was getting close to feeding time, so we pulled over and I fed him. Sometimes he will fall right asleep after this, and it was his nap time, so we held our breath and crossed our fingers. No dice. Back in the car, back to screaming. I’ve heard that Navy Seals use sleep deprivation and listening to infant crying to train to withstand torture. I now understand why.  Listening to my babe fuss and scream is the most painful sound on Earth. And since he still wasn’t sleeping through the night, our tiredness didn’t help our patience for the situation.

We finally arrived at the hotel and went to the front desk to check in, screaming baby in hand. You’d think they would want to get that kid out of the lobby as fast as possible, but they told us we were one hour too early to check in. It was too cold to wait outside and there was no way we were getting back in the car, so we tried to rock the little guy to sleep in the lobby. With all the people coming and going, that proved to be impossible. I was so frustrated that I even suggested that maybe we should just go back home. That sounds crazy now. Why would I want to do that drive again in the same day?!

Eventually the staff got sick of the crying and found us a room that was ready. We practically ran to it, anxious to get away from the judgmental stares of the other guests and staff who were wondering what we had done to make our baby so upset.

We tried to get Brayden to take a nap in the room–he needed one desperately and so did we–but he wasn’t having it. The new sights and smells were too interesting to snooze through, apparently.

Eventually we calmed down and decided to try to enjoy the rest of the day, nap or no nap. We headed over to the pier and met our friends for “dinner” at 3:30. Since Brayden goes to sleep by 6:30 every night, if we were going to eat out, we had to eat at this early hour, with all the senior citizens in town.


We were starving and the clam chowder bread bowls and crab cakes were delicious. And Brayden actually behaved remarkably well, despite missing his naps for the day.


We fed Brayden cereal at the table and he is a cute eater, so that was pretty entertaining for our friends. However, after our rough morning, I think we successfully scared The Gozas out of having children for at least a few years.


After we ate, we walked around the pier, took photos and bought some chocolate. Brayden had a great time bonding with his Auntie Christi. 🙂





Before we knew it, Brayden was rubbing his eyes and ready to go to bed. We headed back to the hotel, and although we were so tired, we were sad that we couldn’t stay out and wander the town with our friends, checking out the local bars and restaurants and seeing Monterey by night.

Even though we had to call it a night so early, the day turned out so much better than we expected. It may have began with no naps and a fussy car ride, but it ended with a wonderful time with two of our favorite people, eating some of our favorite foods with an oceanfront view. Not too shabby.

The next morning, we grabbed breakfast and got in the car, prepared for the worst. Brayden apparently took pity on us. He ate and then slept the whole ride home.








One thought on “On the Road: Monterey

  1. I love Monterey! We used to live over in San Juan Bautista and went down to Monterey pretty frequently. Traveling with a little one can be tough but it sounds like everything went well.

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