Celebrating 7 Months of Baby

Our little bundle of energy is now 7 months old, and it is amazing to see the new changes that each month brings in our baby’s life.


Brayden is so close to crawling now. He can go a few crawls forward, and then he lies down, but there is definite forward motion. Before month 7, he could crawl backward, sideways or on his back ’til the cows come home, but now that he’s working on the forward motion, he basically never does anything else anymore. He’s a very focused and determined little guy! I’ve peeked in his crib a couple times after hearing a little whimper or two and found him, still asleep with his eyes closed, but in a crawling position. If he could, this little guy would be sleep-crawling all over the place!


Brayden is also trying several new foods, including apples and sweet potatoes. He seemed surprised at the new taste for the first few bites, but after that he devoured them both with a huge grin.


One of Brayden’s favorite things to do is choose toys from his basket. He has a couple big baskets of toys that he plays with on the floor in his room or the living room. It’s so fun to watch him dig through the basket to get to the toy he really wants, or watch him pick up and discard the big toys that are blocking his reach for the little fish or rattle or boat on the bottom. We love seeing him decide which toy to play with and how to play with it (although most of them end up in his mouth, one way or another).


Brayden has also discovered himself in the mirror and has a blast looking at himself, giggling, kissing, and touching that little baby that looks back at him.


Seeing Brayden have such a great time with his mirror buddy made me realize that he really hasn’t spent much time with other babies his age, so I decided to give a Gymboree class a try. The main reason we went was so he could make friends and interact with other babies, but the class structure and the other attendees didn’t seem to be interested in interacting very much. It mainly seemed to focus on developing individual coordination skills using the gym equipment, which wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, so that will be his first and last Gymboree class for awhile. We are still in search of some other venue where Brayden can meet some new friends, so please offer up any suggestions you might have!


My absolute favorite thing about this month is seeing Brayden’s personality continue to grow and change. I love his silly sounds and faces and the sweet babble he’s beginning to say (dadda and baa baa are his favorite sounds right now, which his dad just loves. I could say momma all day, but Brayden seems to like the sound of dadda. I’d like to think that this isn’t his first word yet because he can’t possibly know what it means, but he does seem to say it more when he’s looking at his dad…).

Brayden still isn’t giving us those 10-12 hour nights of sleep that we’ve heard about, but things are getting better every day. Although if I’m completely honest with myself, I miss him when he’s in his crib and kinda wish he was still cuddled up right next to me at night. Sometimes, probably more often than I should, I give in and just hold him all night. I know this throws off the consistency of his sleeping routine blah blah blah, but he’ll only be tiny enough to hold  in my arms for a little while longer and the thought of giving up that sweet time makes me a little sad. I’ll be glad to have that long, uninterrupted night of sleep when it comes, but I have to say it will be bittersweet to say goodbye to our nighttime cuddles.







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