Baby is 6 Months Old! Why This is My Favorite Month So Far

This has been a month of milestones for our little guy. He’s learning and growing so much right before our eyes. I love this age because we can take Brayden more places (the zoo, for instance) and he seems to really enjoy it. He’s becoming a better sleeper and traveler and has made so many new strides in just the past few weeks. Here are some highlights of Brayden’s 6 wonderful months out of the womb and in the Big World.




Within the two weeks prior to and one week after his 6 month birthday, Brayden:

  • Got his first two teethIMG_2260
  • Slept all naps and at night (though still not completely through the night) in his crib–without ever having to even try “crying it out,” thank goodness!IMG_2337
  • Sits up by himself, playing with toys and hanging out.IMG_2338
  • IMG_2340
  • Can ride around in his stroller without throwing a huge fit (this sounds like a no-brainer, but he really didn’t seem comfortable in his stroller until now)IMG_0048
  • Went to the zoo for the first time…and loved it!IMG_0029IMG_2402
  • Is getting so close to crawling… a little scary since we haven’t done the baby-proofing yet!IMG_2276
  • Bonded with familyIMG_2238
  • Ate his first bowl of cerealIMG_2369IMG_2346
  • Learned how to bang on…I mean “play”… the pianoIMG_0039

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Brayden!






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