Baby’s Favorite Books

I know what you’re thinking. How could a 6-month-old baby possibly have a favorite book already? Well this is how I can tell which books are Brayden’s favorites. The moment we open a book and start reading, there are books that Brayden instantly snaps shut and shoves in his mouth as a teether. Story over. Then there are other books that Brayden will listen to with rapt attention and enthusiasm….before ultimately chomping down on the cover.

One book that amuses Brayden without fail is The Lorax. I think it’s the Dr. Seuss rhymes. The funny sounds seem to amuse him and keep his attention for far more pages than some of the other books that should really be more appropriate for his age (but are incredibly boring to read… “Shiny Ball. Soft Bear. Bright Kite.” Seriously, how many times can a parent read such babble?!)









He also really enjoys his Bob Marley books that are basically lyrics to his songs. This is probably because every time we read it, we drift into singing rather than reading. Or maybe baby just loves Bob?






We’re always on the lookout for more books that Brayden can really sink his teeth/gums into, and as parents, we’re desperate for variety. I have almost memorized Goodnight Moon. Which books amuse your little ones?


One thought on “Baby’s Favorite Books

  1. CUTE!! My babies have loved certain books too. Do you have any baby faces books? You don’t read them but it’s fun to talk about the babies and their expressions (and copy them yourself) Sandra Boynton books are a hit as well (the rhyming, like you said, I think is the reason). 🙂

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