My New Year Resolutions (at last!)

I had the best of intentions for 2013. I planned to post the obligatory “New Year Resolutions” posts, with things like “Blog every day” and “Cook a homemade dinner at least twice a week.” But instead, the year began with a bad cold for our family and two new teeth for the baby. Both teeth came in during the first four days of January, and we were totally unprepared for them. We only had a couple cold teether toys, which weren’t effective at all. Brayden was miserable from both the cold and the teeth. When he was awake, he was unusually fussy and unhappy. His nighttime sleeping pattern was completely disrupted and he woke up screaming every hour or two.

As with all the tough phases in our little babes life so far, my parents reassured us that, “This too, shall pass.” And so it did at last. The two teeth are in, the colds are gone, and here I am finally blogging my New Years Resolutions. Since I don’t want this to simply be a list of vague goals that gets tossed aside, out of sight and out of mind, I’m going to stick to making SMART resolutions. Hopefully this will help me stick with them and make each and every one happen before 2014 rolls around!


1.  Complete a 365 day project. Take one photo every day for 365 days. Hopefully these can accompany a clever blog post about the picture, but sometimes it might be the photo itself that’s worth a thousand words. I’m hoping this will help me improve my photography skills and also remind me to capture the big and small events in my little one’s first year in the world.

2. Take a family vacation. This can be a day trip to the beach, a weekend away in the mountains or some other adventure that we go on together. But I want to set a pattern of taking time away to reconnect as a family at least once each year (more often if we can!). Hopefully this will create a tradition of traveling with our little one, whether near or far, and establish a lifelong love of exploration and adventure.

3.  Blog at least three days each week. If I succeed in my first goal, this one should be a piece of cake. But who knows what will happen when more teeth start coming in…

4. Do at least one thing that makes me happy every week. Whether that means going for a run, baking a pie or reading a book, I need to remember to take time for me and the little things that make me a happier person. It’s good for me. It’s even better for my family. I want them to always have the happiest version of me that I can be.

5. Power down. Turn off all electronic devices–laptops, phones, etc.–for at least an hour each day and focus on spending time with our little guy and exploring the world with him. I don’t want to become one of those parents I see at the park that always has one eye on their phone while their child begs for their attention from the swing or slide. Yes, typing, writing and working on a laptop are a necessity for me, but I can and should carve a timeout in the day and focus my full attention on my little one.


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