Baby’s First Christmas

Since I’m finally getting around to posting about Christmas on New Year’s Eve, you can tell that we have big, exciting plans for the evening. Those plans include dragging our sick, tired bodies to bed by eight o’clock. My, how our lives have changed!

Baby’s first Christmas was a three-day whirlwind of fussy car rides, public breastfeeding (I don’t think I’ll ever really get used to that), and wonderful time with our family and friends. The festivities began on the 23rd, wich we spent celebrating with my in-laws. On Christmas Eve, we swung by my parents’ house for last minute wrapping and napping before packing up the gifts and heading over to my grandparents’ house for dinner.



Brayden loved touching, tearing and eating the wrapping paper, so some of the gifts we gave this year may have had a bit of baby drool as an added trimming. You’re welcome! 😉



He had a great conversation with his Grandpa about his hopes of seeing Santa later that night.



One thing I will miss about Christmas is the easy-to-distract and instant tear-stopping twinkling lights on the tree. Baby could stare at those lights for hours with the sweetest look of wonder and amazement on his face. I don’t know what we could get to replace that with the same effect…a dryer with a glass door?



We arrived at Brayden’s great-grandparents’ and were greeted by a warm home filled with scenes that were both new and familiar, reminding me of all the Christmases past spent here, with gifts piled under the piano instead of the tree and bubbly voices of aunts and cousins filling the air with laughter and love. But this year felt different as a parent rather than as a child. Brayden opened his presents and then it was his bedtime, so upstairs I went to rock him to sleep as the merriment continued. I was grateful that the happy voices of family members opening their gifts floated easily up the stairs (we’re a loud family!) so I could close my eyes and imagine that I was down there with them. I am certainly looking forward to next year when bedtime will be a little later and we can stay for the fun!







On Christmas morning, Brayden was surprised to see the new toys Santa left for him in his first little stocking: a new rattle (that we later realized closely resembles a baby dumbbell) and a tiny dinosaur teether toy. A couple more toys were found wrapped under the tree: a teether toy and a soft book. While he loved these new toys, the biggest hit was the wrapping paper. Brayden loved touching, tearing and trying to eat it. This will be remembered as the Christmas when everything–toys, boxes, bows, and paper–needed to be taste-tested by Brayden first.





After we opened presents among our little family (Chad and I skipped gifts for each other–we gave each other a child this year, so we figured that covered us.), we headed over to my parents’ house for Christmas Day brunch and gifts. Brayden had a great time tearing more paper and loved the wonderful gifts from his grandparents and uncle, from baby music CDs to his own baby baseball tee, wooden blocks and red wagon. He’s at the age where he doesn’t really realize what’s going on, but his parents were sure excited about these fun new toys to play with while the baby naps!



What’s that? You thought that was it? Nope! The Christmas festivities continued as we miraculously managed to begin the trip to the next big family Christmas Day gathering with a sleeping baby for the 1 1/2 hour car ride. The rest came in handy since he was a pretty big deal at the party. Nearly every family member held him and somehow Brayden kept his fussies at bay for almost four hours, including the big family dinner (it helped that Brayden’s favorite toy–a drinking glass–was near at hand).



After dinner, Brayden took a little time to run the pool table and hustle his cousins out of their new Christmas toys.


After the pool hustling, he wasn’t exactly welcome at the ping pong table. Grandma scooped him up before he demanded that they “take it outside” to decide who gets a spot at the table.


Three long days. One happy baby who got to meet so much of the big family that loves him so much. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!



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