5 Ways Raising a Baby is Like Raising a Dog

Before we had a real baby, we learned all about parenting from our puppy, Lily. Now that we have a human baby to compare her to, we are finding more similarities than we expected.


1. Both baby and puppy will chew on anything and everything.

IMG_16172.  Potty training is tough, but so worth it in the end. It takes a lot of persistance, but eventually both puppy and child will learn to go potty in their separate, designated spaces. On their own.

3. Both love the outdoors and like to be taken on walks regularly (some of these tidbits also apply to husbands…).


4. Babes and pups both need lots of love and attention.


5. Babies and puppies both love a good game of Scrabble. But the puppy usually wins.  🙂



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