Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

When I think back to that first Christmas tree we had the first year we were married, I can’t help but laugh. Between the two of us, we owned maybe five ornaments total. Our tree looked so naked and sad. We ran out and bought one of those sets of sparkly, generic, sold-in-bulk ornaments just to fill in the vast bare spaces (it didn’t help that we had picked out the biggest tree possible, and one that was clearly too large for our little living room).

We decided to start collecting ornaments whenever we went somewhere new. We had brought back a couple from our honeymoon in Hawaii (we honeymooned in December, so ornaments were the easiest keepsake to find at the time anyway). Then we continued the tradition when we traveled to Costa Rica and various places in Europe. Our tree looks quite worldly now, with Eiffel Tower ornaments seated next to Hawaiian surfer boys.

We also add a picture ornament each year so we can see how much things change each Christmas.

This year, we added a few new ornaments to celebrate the newest addition to our family:





Our tree is filling out nicely now, with a good representation of ornaments that have personal meaning to our family. Having these special ornaments to hang makes decorating the tree that much more fun each year and is almost like flipping through a memory book of our lives together and the wonderful adventures we’ve shared along the way.


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