5 Months Down, a Lifetime to Go: Our Baby Boy is 5 Months Old!

Our little guy is now five months old, and it is an exciting time in his life. He’s experiencing the magic of Christmas for the first time, taking in all the twinkling lights and trees that suddenly moved indoors and were covered with funny little ornaments. He’s getting his first taste of cold weather (as cold as California can be…so about mid 50s). He’s working on sitting up and we know he’ll be crawling around before we know it (and before we’ve finished baby-proofing).





Here are some other special tidbits about this point in our little man’s life:

  • Our baby is really flexible. He can (and often does) put his toes in his mouth. We keep having to remind him to eat food and not feet.

IMG_1671 IMG_1714

  • He is a drooling machine. We thought he drooled a lot before, but it seems to have doubled lately. Lots and lots of slobber.


  • He loves cups and glasses. He can hold them on his own (although we only let him do this for a second) and he likes to put his mouth on the side of the glass (I’m guessing the cold glass helps relieve teething pain?). Lately, he puts his mouth right at the top like he’s trying to copy how mommy and daddy drink from the glass.


  •  He is now wearing 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.


  • During tummy time, he can rotate a full 360. He’ll scoot around to try to reach toys (and has a great grip once he reaches the toy!) or just for a different perspective. He is definitely learning his way around the floor!






Happy 5 Month Birthday! We love you so much!


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