Baby Meets Santa

Over the weekend, we took our baby to see Santa for the first time. I was more than a little nervous about this first encounter. Several friends had been posting photos on Facebook of their screaming babies sitting on Santa’s lap. Sure, the photos are hilarious, but I don’t want to make my baby miserable just for a good photo op. And I have a little experience in this department. We took our first baby, our puppy Lily, to see Santa last year. And it did not go well.




The pictures really don’t even do it justice. Lily was terrified and miserable. I left Santa’s feeling like the worst puppy mother in the world for subjecting her to such torture.

So this year, I was on the fence about whether we should even give Santa’s a try. I mean, this is really just for my amusement. Brayden won’t know what’s going on. He hasn’t made a Christmas list to share with Santa.

Ultimately, we decided to go and if Brayden looked unhappy, we’d hightail it out of there faster than you can say ho ho ho.

Well, it turns out we had no need to worry. Brayden took the visit like a champ! After almost 30 minutes waiting in line, surrounded by screaming children with long, typed lists of their wants to share with Santa (parents, please don’t let your kids do this – pick one thing to share with Santa and move on!), Brayden finally got his shot at the BigGuy’s lap.




No, he’s not grinning ear-to-ear (who would be after waiting for 30 minutes in line?), but he’s not screaming or crying! That’s success in my book.



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