Our Baby is 4 Months Old


We blinked and our little baby is already four months old, with a beautiful, funny and distinctly musical personality forming right before our eyes. Here are some of the highlights of our baby’s fourth month in the world:

  • Singing. Our baby is a singing machine. Whenever music is on (which is almost all the time in our house), Brayden happily squeals along to the tunes. He is especially vocal when he is being rocked to sleep. He will sing until it becomes barely audible babbles and he falls fast asleep. I suppose this is the perk of his refusing to take a pacifier. If he had one in his mouth, we might never get these sweet moments. And while it can make bedtime drag on longer than normal (he was singing almost forty-five minutes past bedtime last night), it is impossible to not smile and sing along with him. I love our little Bruce Springstein baby.
  • Tummy Time. Tummy time is getting more exciting. Brayden has been rolling for awhile, but now he is circling. He lies on his tummy and scoots himself around in a circle on his play mat. He can reach out to grab toys (and he has a great grip!) and will scoot around until he can reach them.
  • Playing catch. Brayden’s daddy can’t wait for his first game of catch with his son. They are already tossing around the stuffed football rattle toy, and Brayden can actually catch it! Chad sits Brayden upright in the Boppy and gently tosses the football to him and Brayden actually catches it! He hasn’t mastered his spiral yet, but he sure loves this Daddy time.
  • Puppy bonding. Our pup and baby are bonding more and more every day. The baby watches everything the dog does with wonder and amusement, and our pup, Lily, watches over the baby like a protective mother. When we go for a walk, she always keeps her eye on him. If he cries or fusses, she rushes over to make sure he’s ok and give him a lick on the head. She will also offer a head lick for encouragement during tummy time.
  • Loves the great outdoors. The quickest way to stop Brayden from crying is to step outside the back door. A whiff of fresh air is instantly soothing and in mere moments our fussy baby is happy and relaxed again.
  • Tidbits: Brayden is wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. At his 4 month doctor appointment,  he was 50th percentile for weight, 70th for height, and 75th for head size (big brain)!











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