Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary (1st Anniversary Post-Baby)


We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on the day before Thanksgiving.

Three years ago  (which now seems like 30 years ago) I walked down the aisle and my eyes met those of my soon-to-be husband. We were full of optimism for the future and completely confident in the bond we shared. We began as two silly teenagers in love, and 12 years later, those two silly teens grew to be two silly adults in love.

The past three years have brought us both tragedies and triumphs. As I look back, I’m so thankful to have had my husband’s shoulder to cry on or hand to hold for each of those moments. Many of those moments made me realize just how precious life and love are, and I want to make sure I never take that for granted.

Time has also changed the way we celebrate our anniversary. We spent our first anniversary in Costa Rica, sharing romantic candlelit dinners and outdoor adventures.


We spent our second anniversary in the mountains, bundled up amongst redwoods and snow.


This was our first anniversary post-baby and distinctly different from those that came before. This year we celebrated by sharing some cheap Chinese takeout while rocking the baby to sleep. We didn’t do gifts or cards or flowers or wine. But in so many ways, this was the most romantic anniversary yet. As Chad spoon-fed me orange chicken while I rocked our sweet baby to sleep, I thought, “It’s not fancy or exotic or thrilling. It’s just us. It’s just love.” In those sleepy moments when Chad rubs my shoulders because he can tell my back is sore from carrying the baby. In the nights when I change all the diapers so Chad can get a few more hours of rest. In the daily give and take that parenting brings, from taking turns with poopy diapers to soothing fussy cries. Our anniversary may not have been the stuff that makes for great movies or causes girls to swoon with envy, but at the end of the day, there’s still love there. And that’s as romantic as it gets.



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