Baby Music to My Ears

When my brother and I were little, we drove our parents and grandparents crazy with hours of Wee Sing Silly Songs tunes played constantly for every road trip, whether it was a two-hour drive or a week-long cross-country vacation. We just couldn’t get enough of the silliness.

So when my little one was born, and I was finding myself at a loss for some lullabies to sing my babe to sleep with, my mom put in an Amazon order for the silly songs (most likely so I could experience the same torture we subjected her to in our youth).

It appears that Brayden has inherited my love of the silly songs! Every since we put that CD in, Brayden has begun singing himself to sleep. From the moment we hit play, he relaxes, smiles, and babbles along to the melody until he drifts off to sleep. While the songs may lead to dreams of horses walking around with their feet off the ground or donkeys that eat with a knife and fork (two of Brayden’s favorite tunes), he seems to enjoy them as much as I did as a child. This is my first sign that a little piece of me is in him, and also a sweet reminder of my own childhood. Hopefully his will be full of as many silly memories and melodies as mine was.


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