We recently took Brayden in for his first vaccinations. I was incredibly nervous for this appointment for so many reasons. There are reports on both sides, with some people talking about the virtues of vaccines and the many diseases that have been eradicated. Others talk about the risks associated and the potential for the vaccines to do more harm than good.

I lie somewhere in between. I am grateful for advances in vaccines that have made diseases that used to be commonplace and life-threatening now a thing of the past, but I also hold a healthy skepticism of anything a pharmaceutical company says. There have been several lawsuits lately that proved that some of these companies are pushing drugs that are inappropriate or even dangerous. Just listen to any pharma commercial and hear the side effects of the drug they’re selling. Many are worse than the actual problem the drug says it will cure.

So with that in mind, I did a lot of research before we took our little baby in for his first shots. I found out that babies now get more than three times as many shots now as were given when I was a baby. Some of these new vaccines have been recalled several times over the past several years due to contamination. Also, the thought of subjecting my tiny baby to seven vaccines in one day seemed ridiculous. The vaccine is basically a low dose of the disease it is vaccinating the child against, so the baby would have to fight off seven diseases at once. That seemed like a bit too much to put my baby through.

So we researched more and more and decided to just get two shots at his two month appointment. The same two that I had as a baby. DTAP and polio (IPV). Now, as I research more before his next round of vaccines, I have found that there have been problems with the DTAP vaccine, as well. We didn’t give our baby the Hep B vaccine at birth because even our doctor said that was unnecessary if I didn’t test positive for Hep B, which is a STD.

Vaccines are a complicated issue, and I’m certainly not an expert nor am I recommending that anyone else follow our course of action. I’m simply sharing what we decided to do and why. We are still considering our options for the next round of shots and will try our best to make a decision where the pros outweigh the cons, as hard as that may be.


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