Freeze This Moment


There have been many days when I think that I can’t wait for you to be a little older, so we can take you to Disneyland or push you on the swings, but today wasn’t one of them. Today I just wanted to freeze this moment with you snuggled in my arms, glancing up at me with your big, beautiful eyes so full of innocence and wonder.

I wanted to stay right here, dancing around the living room of our tiny place together, with Disney songs or Motown melodies wafting along in the background.

I know we have so many fun times ahead, building pillow forts or swimming lessons or camping trips, but I can already tell that I’ll miss these days when you still fit snugly in my arms and when you still think your mom is just about the greatest thing since breastmilk.




One thought on “Freeze This Moment

  1. Your blogs are so wonderful and I know you’ll enjoy reading them again years from now when little Brayden grows up and goes off to college. Treasure all the moments of being a mom – it’s the best thing in the world!

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