Happy 2-Month Birthday, Brayden!

Our little baby turned 2 months old, and we thought we’d jot down a couple of our fondest memories from his first 2 months in the world:

  • The first time he smiled. Although it didn’t make the sleepless nights and intense back pain from hours of rocking him back and forth completely disappear… it came about as close as anything could get. That little baby smile is pretty darn cute. You wouldn’t think a smile would be such a big deal, but when they’ve spent the first few weeks of their life staring blankly at you while you wait on them hand and foot, a smile goes a long way.
  • His funny little giggle. I’m still trying to capture this on video, but he seems to clam up as soon as I turn the camera on. Brayden has started to laugh a hilarious, cartoon-like laugh that somehow manages to appear right after someone says a punchline, whether it’s John Stewart or my husband. The timing is just incredible.
  • The nights when he sleeps almost six hours, eats, and then falls back asleep immediately. I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate this new schedule he’s been sticking to lately.
  • Rolling. Brayden is already rolling from his tummy to his back, from both sides.

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