Special Moments

Just as everyone said it would, the time seems to be flying by now and my little one is growing so much from day to day and week to week. Every Friday I’m going to try to capture some of the week’s special moments before I forget that that moment in time happened.

This photo was taken as I rocked Brayden to sleep the other night. He tends to spit out his pacifier the second it goes in his mouth, so sometimes I’ll hold it in there for him for a few minutes until he gets the hang of it. As I was holding the pacifier and rocking him, Brayden wrapped his little arms around my arm and it felt like the most wonderful tiny little hug.


I couldn’t resist taking this photo of Brayden in his little baseball onesie on his baseball blanket. Can anyone tell that we’re big baseball fans around here? 😉



One of our favorite outings lately has been going for a walk in the park. I snapped one photo of Brayden lying on his blanket on the ground, taking the world in. The next photo is a picture of his stroller on the trail at the park so we can capture the place where we’ve spent so many hours during these first few weeks of his life.



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