Brayden and I attended our first playgroup meeting, and it was full of all the excitement to be expected in a group of six mothers and their newborn babies: crying, public breastfeeding, discussions of nap schedules, feedings, fertility and milk supply.

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As is to be expected at a playgroup of 1-3-month-old babies, they did very little playing and mainly spent their time alternating between sleeping, crying and eating. So it was ¬†basically the chaos I’ve been experiencing on a daily basis times six, and I began to wonder why I signed up for this voluntarily.

After the initial awkwardness of a gathering of complete strangers, the moms began to let their hair down (figuratively, that is… having your hair down around a baby is just asking for a huge clump to turn up in the grip of a sweet little baby’s hand). They shared personal details about fertility problems and low milk supply or bragged about how their newborn has slept peacefully in the bassinet since day 1 (mine has yet to sleep in a bassinet for more than 5 minutes), and at times I felt both better and worse about how I’ve been doing as a mother. But either way. it was nice to have people to talk to about it, particularly people who seemed genuinely interested in discussing the pressing issues on my mind that understandably bore my other circle of friends to tears.


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