Brayden has been a busy boy lately and has been getting bigger, smarter and more alert right before our eyes. Here are some of the milestones he has reached so far (he is 7 weeks old now).

  • Smiling. This is my very favorite milestone. My little man now thanks me for all these sleepless nights, endless lullabies, late-night rocking chair chats and burpings with a smile, and that’s apparently all I needed to feel like it’s all worth it.
  • Push up. Brayden seems to be a big fan of tummy time and loves to show off by doing a little push up and lifting his head as high as it can go.
  • Rolling over. He’s a little early for this milestone, but Brayden has become a little rolling machine. He did it a couple times a little before his 6 week appointment, and now he seems to have the hang of it and does it at almost every tummy time. He seems so proud of himself when he rolls over and sees us smiling down at him.
  • Laughing. This is particularly adorable when he manages to laugh right after a punchline. We were watching The Daily Show, and apparently Brayden thinks John Stewart is just hilarious because he was laughing at just the right time for most of the show. Ha!
  • Making weight. Brayden has been packing on the pounds; he gained almost a pound a week over the past 4 weeks and now weighs 10lbs 4oz, making him finally able to go in his Baby Bjorn (he had to be at least 8lbs)! We’ve tried it out a bit, and Brayden is still getting used to it, but I’m really looking forward to the freedom of having use of both arms again! Maybe baking is in my future after all…

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Things are definitely getting more exciting now. Our little alien baby that zapped our energy, ate food and slept is becoming a little person with smiles and laughs and a personality. The first few weeks were fun, but we are definitely enjoying our little guy more now that he appears to be enjoying being with us. 🙂


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