Better but Not Easy

My post from yesterday may have led you to believe that life with a newborn has suddenly become blissful, easy and stress-free thanks to a few hot tips from my parents. That is not the case.

Yes, those tips have made a huge difference. The baby is sleeping at night. We would have been thrilled for any amount of night sleeping, to be honest. Getting four hours in a row during hours when it is actually dark outside is a huge accomplishment.

But there are still nights here and there where the baby is inconsolable for two or three hours and we try everything we can think of to calm him down. There are still nights when I am reduced to tears because I feel like a failure as a mother. There are still nights (and even days) when I wonder how all the other moms in the world do it. Particularly single moms or moms of multiple children. I’m sure it gets easier, but wow. I have to give them credit. Because this is hard stuff. Rewarding, but hard.

And if I hear one more new mom say the first few months were just blissful weeks of looking lovingly into their smiling baby’s face and relishing in the joys of motherhood, I’m going to punch them in the face. I love my baby to the moon and back, but I’m not going to pretend this is easy. It ain’t. But I guess everything worth having is worth working for.

You never remember the nights you got a good night’s sleep, so I’m sure I’ll look back and miss these evenings of rocking my little guy back and forth as he looks up at me with his helpless little eyes. I’ll miss his little hand resting on my chest and his sweet gurgles and funny little expressions. So when I truly think I’m going crazy from lack of sleep, I try to find comfort in the knowledge that these moments only last a short time and before I know it, this period in life will be gone and I’ll be longing to pace the halls with Brayden once again.


One thought on “Better but Not Easy

  1. Amen sista! It’s hard work! Never believe those moms who say it was easy. Either they were blessed with a child who slept great (don’t worry they will usually end up with one that doesn’t as payback. ha!) or they are lying! Another thing I swear by is called Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water, helps them calm down and go to sleep. I had to use it on Caden since he had colic and no matter what we did he would cry and cry. You can find it pretty much everywhere, online & baby boutiques. Also, the 5’s work too usually. Love ya! Hang in there!!

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