Baby Brayden: Weeks 2 and 3

The main theme of the first three weeks of having a newborn is a never-ending, frustrating, exhausting lack of sleep. With a little one eating every two hours, day and night, it is impossible to get more than a little cat nap at a time and there is never a day to catch up. Besides that, here are some other highlights from weeks 2 and 3 of little Brayden’s life:

  • My brother, Kenny, came to visit from New York. He got to meet his little nephew for the first time and also celebrated his own birthday, which was on July 26.
  • Brayden got circumcised. He cried, and I bawled uncontrollably. We didn’t watch the procedure, but I could hear him crying from the waiting room, and it drove me crazy. The receptionist suggested that we walk around in the hallway so we wouldn’t have to hear the crying. I know the little guy won’t remember this, but just hearing him from the other room broke my heart.
  • I left the house for the first time (my leg finally healed!), and Chad and I took Brayden and our pup, Lily, out for a walk around the town. Just getting outside for a bit made us all feel so much better, even though it meant sacrificing one of potential nap times. It made me realize how isolated I had felt before we got out and about.
  • Brayden had visits from more friends and family, including future Brayden babysitters Megan, Gina, Christi and Nate. 🙂
  • Brayden is a night owl. We think he may be taking after my side of the family and preparing himself for a music career and a lifetime of late nights performances. He is most awake and active at night. Last night, he was basically awake (and screaming/crying on and off) from 1am until 7am. As you can imagine, we are thrilled with this schedule. 😉

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That’s about it for the last two weeks. Despite the sleepless nights and frustrating crying fits, Brayden continues to be the light of our life and we couldn’t love him more. However, we are really looking forward to the day when we all get a little more sleep and can begin planning family trips to Disneyland.


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