Brayden: Week 1

Brayden celebrated his one week birthday, and in that short little week, he has already turned our world upside down.

As babies normally do, he lost a little weight in the week after his birth (he went from 6 lbs 12 oz to 6 lbs 3 oz), so the pediatrician suggested that we really stick to feeding him every 2 hours no matter what. Yep, every 2 hours night and day. And that means never sleeping more than an hour or so at a time.

It was very difficult to get used to at first, and Chad are I were both walking zombies for a few days. Our pup, Lily, had a very hard time getting used to the newcomer, too, but she was mainly just terrified of this crying, screaming little person. Lily was incredibly gentle with Brayden right from the start. The most contact she’s made with him has been to lick him gently on the back of his head. But the crying in the middle of the night made Lily really nervous and worried and she couldn’t seem to relax or get any sleep. We could certainly relate, but it was breaking our heart to see our pup so stressed out.  My hormones were also out of whack and just seeing Lily’s worried face would bring me to tears. After a couple sleepless days and nights, we took Lily to my parents’ house for a sleepover so she could de-stress and just be a happy pup again. It did a world of good and when we brought her back home, she was much more relaxed and at ease with this new situation.

Thanks to the frequent feedings, Brayden is gaining weight now and is up to 6lbs 8oz at his last weigh-in.  Hooray!

My parents and grandparents (Brayden’s grandparents and great grandparents) came over for dinner the night we brought Brayden home from the hospital, and my grandparents brought with them a gift of a new rocking chair so we could rock our little baby to sleep. They had gone out to buy it as soon as they heard I was in labor. Getting out to shop is a big deal for them, and particularly for  my grandmother, so this kind gesture really meant a lot.

My grandparents were so excited to meet and hold little Brayden. They looked so incredibly happy with him in their arms.




Other highlights from week 1:

  • I strained my calf muscle getting up from the couch too fast. Yes, seriously. And it is strained so badly that I have hardly been able to walk for several days. I literally had to crawl from the couch to the shower. Who would think that the worst part of recovering from labor would be this stupid calf injury that has me confined to the couch all day every day?
  • Our family and friends have been wonderful and we haven’t had to worry about what to eat since we got home from the hospital. We’ve had delicious deliveries of lasagna, chinese food, pizza, cakes, snacks, and more. Yum!
  • We had a photographer come by to take some adorable newborn photos of little Brayden. We should have them to share in a week or so, and from what I saw, they should turn out great. 🙂

That’s pretty much it for week number 1 with our little baby boy. No sleep for the weary, but at least we have that cute little face to brighten our sleepless days and nights!


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