The Waiting Game

Our little babe is due this Friday, and we finally feel like we’re ready for the big day. Now we’re just driving ourselves crazy waiting. Chad is literally pacing back and forth in our house. I’ve packed and repacked my hospital bag about five times.

Alright, little man. It’s time to come out. That head of yours is not getting any smaller! Ouch!

We had a couple indicators over the weekend that labor could begin very soon (I’ll spare you the graphic details), but here we are on Monday still waiting. We aren’t even at the due date and we are going crazy with anticipation. I can’t imagine how we’ll feel if this baby is overdue! My mom was a month late with her first baby, but we’re hoping we can break the trend and get this little guy out on time or maybe even a few days early.

Don’t get me wrong. Pregnancy has been fun, and I’ll sure miss people waiting on me hand and foot, but I am really looking forward to meeting this little kicking machine. And also to having a turkey sandwich. And sleeping on my stomach. And someday fitting into my normal clothes again.

So come on baby. We went for a long walk, ate spicy chicken wings, and have been doing everything possible on the list of things to do to get this ball rolling. Come on out!


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