Pregnancy Pros and Cons in the 8th Month

We’ve all heard that a delightful glow accompanies pregnancy. What they don’t tell you is that that glow comes from the sweat of either throwing up all morning or a body temperature at least 10 degrees higher than everyone else around you. Here are some of the pros and cons of my pregnancy over the past eight months.


  • Maternity Jeans. As I’ve previously explained, maternity jeans = the best invention ever. They top the light bulb. Seriously.
  • Excuses. If I am super moody, I can blame pregnancy. If I can’t prevent the thoughts in my head from spilling out of my mouth… pregnancy must be to blame (for instance, I recently told some folks that I thought my dog was cuter than their child. I was obviously kidding, but at least I can blame pregnancy for allowing me to actually utter those words out loud!). Pregnancy is also a great excuse for eating whatever you feel like because “the baby wants it.” I’m really going to miss that after the little guy arrives.
  • Who doesn’t love a good excuse for a party?! My baby shower is coming up this weekend, complete with a snow cone machine, baby corn hole (tossing bean bags labeled smashed peas and other baby foods into a the mouth of a baby drawn on a corn hole game), lots and lots of food, good friends, family, and fun. I may have more fun at my son’s future birthday parties than he will! 😉


  • Heartburn. Without fail, I’ve had heartburn every evening for about a month now. It doesn’t matter what I eat or when. It just comes on all of a sudden as soon as I settle myself in for a good night’s sleep (which has taken on a new meaning already… see con #2).
  • Peeing constantly. I seriously have to go to the bathroom all the time. Every time I drive to a store, I instantly make a bee-line for the bathroom because even after a short ten-minute drive, my tiny bladder is already full. Or little baby decides to step on it or kick it like a soccer ball. And there is no rest for the weary. This continues all night long. I suppose it’s preparing me for nighttime feedings…
  • Clothes. Of course a super cute dress that I can’t fit into goes on sale right now. Sure, I guess I could buy it and hang out to it until the day arrives when it once again fits as it’s supposed to. But by then it will be winter and that summer dress will never see the light of day. Sigh.



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