Letter to Baby: What I Wish for You

With only two months left before I get to finally meet our little bundle of joy, I’ve begun thinking about what he will be like. Not just what he’ll look like when he makes his debut, but also about what he’ll be like as he grows to be a boy and man. This is my letter to him.

Dear Baby Boy,

You will be here soon, and we can’t wait to meet you and see your sweet baby face.  With the enormous responsibility of your little life resting on our shoulders, you dad and I have been talking about all the things we hope for you.

We hope you’ll inherit our best qualities and sidestep our worst. I hope your teeth won’t be cavity-prone like mine. We hope you skip those awkward teenage years.  Your dad hopes your eyesight will always be 20-20 and you won’t need Lasik surgery like he did. Or wear glasses every day of your adult life, like I do.

I hope you share my determination and organization, but also embrace the unknown and maintain a creative, adventurous and imaginative spirit. I hope we provide you with a stress-free, happy atmosphere to grow, despite the stresses or worries that your dad and I may face in our own lives.

I hope you are optimistic. I hope you always see the glass as half full. I hope you are smart and talented in whatever interests you choose to pursue.

I hope you never get “too cool” to give your mom a hug and kiss goodbye in the morning. I hope you always see your dad as I do: a man who will love you unconditionally forever and exhibits so many of the qualities I wish most for you. When things seem tough, he will find a silver lining. If you need to count on someone to rescue you, whether that means bringing your lunch to school when you leave it on the kitchen counter or confronting the bullies that are picking on you on the playground, know that your father will always be there to turn to and will never let you down.

I hope your childhood is filled with more happy memories than you can count. I hope you are honest and polite and above all, kind.

Without even seeing you or feeling your tiny hand wrap around our fingers, we already love you more than words can say. Know that you will always have our support and that even when we make mistakes (it’s bound to happen) or tell you no when you really want something we can’t afford, we love you. We will always love you. And we hope for nothing but the best, happiest life for you from now to forever.


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