29 Weeks

The bump is growing! We went to a birthday party this week and this was the first party for one of my friends where little children were included, too. Turns out, they’re pretty adorable. Chad and I watched them from afar for a little while, like one would observe a lion or zebra in a nature preserve. What would they do? How do they behave among other humans? Then suddenly, a little three-year-old boy plopped himself down beside us and started chatting to us about the things he liked to do and all the things he was learning. Chad and I looked at each other, smiled, and sighed. Ok, we can do this. As it turns out, we love to do the same things! Oh, you like to play in the mud? Me too! You can kick a ball? So can I! You love Disneyland? It’s only the best place on Earth! Kids… we’re going to have a blast. 🙂


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