28 Weeks: Bruce Springsteen Concert!

Yes, that’s right. We saw Bruce in concert!! And it was, hands down, the best concert we’ve ever been to. I was a little nervous when we climbed the stairs to our seats and realized we were seated smack dab in the middle of a loooonnngggg row of semi-drunk middle-aged people. As soon as we sat down, I glanced to my left… then to my right… and said, “How on Earth am I going to be able to pee for the next 4 hours?” With a bladder the size of a raisin and a baby giving it a swift kick every now and then, it was only a matter of time. I had visions of myself trying to squeeze by only to be sent tumbling down on row after row of chairs as the big screen camera somehow found me and the audience erupted in laughter. Luckily, both baby and bladder were so moved by Bruce’s performance that they behaved themselves until the end of the show.


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