Baby’s Fetusbook Status Updates

While you’re stalking friends on Facebook and posting about your hourly activities, my baby has been all over Fetusbook, talking with other fetuses and venting about life in the womb. Here are some of his latest posts:

Baby Boy Ross:

WTF! Mom is seriously considering naming me Thunder! Someone intervene! Help!!


Baby Boy Ross:

Can I get some ice cream in here? Seriously mom, I will keep kicking you until I get my ICE CREAM!


Baby Boy Ross:

I think I need a change. Anyone have any great womb decorating ideas?


Baby Boy Ross:

How do you other fetuses plan on making your big appearance? Face-first? Ass-first? I can’t decide!


Baby Boy Ross:

Hey mom, newsflash. I can hear everything you’re saying and my first word is totally going to be an F-bomb. LOL!


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