Freaking Out

We haven’t taken any childbirth classes yet, but that’s one of the million things on my to-do list, so I found a nice series of classes online. After about 15 minutes of listening to all the gory details of the miracle of life, I am totally freaking out. I knew this was going to be painful, but the reality is kicking in and I’m scared.

For various reasons, I have the goal of doing this “naturally.” Translation: I don’t plan to get an epidural. I’ve heard from so many people on this issue. The pros. The cons. Some have said not getting an epidural is akin to not getting pain killers when getting a root canal. Sure, you can do it. But why on earth would you when you don’t have to? Modern medicine to the rescue!

I totally see their point, but I also worry about the pain medicine going to the baby. It seems a little odd to spend nine months avoiding anything that could potentially harm the baby, from any and all prescription meds, Tylenol, lunch meat, sushi, etc. to suddenly doping myself and my little one on the strongest pain medication at hand.

I know this is going to hurt like hell, but the only thing that is getting me through this minor panic attack I’m having right now is the knowledge that women have delivered babies without pain medication for thousands of years (including my own mom). And then went on to have more children and do it all over again. So either the pain can’t be THAT bad or I will get amnesia and forget all about it.

If you’re reading this and have already gone through labor, I’d love to hear what worked for you and any advice you might have. If you haven’t gone through labor, please feel free to pass on any calming words that might help me to stop freaking out. And hurry. Because some crazy person has put donuts in the kitchen at work and if I don’t calm down soon, I’m going to spend my afternoon eating them all.


12 thoughts on “Freaking Out

  1. Even though you’re not at the end yet, these affirmations might help you:
    My favorite one is “I am not only going to Birth Without Fear for myself, but for all the women who have birthed WITH fear. I will birth with POWER to give women after me hope and strength to pull from. Birth is safe…as safe as life can be…and I will trust in it and bring this baby into this world with confidence, love and courage.”

    • Thank you, Jade! I read that post and it definitely helped. We can do this! (I’ll just keep telling myself that until I actually believe it! 🙂

  2. medically speaking, talk to your doc about the epidural. your Central Nervous System is not attached to your baby. An epidural is like getting Novocaine for a dental procedure, it’s a nerve block, that’s why it sucks that they have to inject it way back into your cheeks. It’s a localized agent and my guess is that their has been a lot of controversy with little concrete evidence to support the claim either way

    • Thanks! I will definitely talk to my doctor about it. Right now, I have the no-epidural goal, but I am totally open to changing that plan if I have to. 🙂

  3. I will email you soon about this, but don’t panic! You will be okay, this coming from me, the wussiest person ever 🙂 My advice would be do what works for you. I had an epidural with my 1st and not with the 2nd baby. Either way you will do great!

  4. I’m so happy for you Laura!!! Yay! You are going be just great!
    I wanted a epidural all along because I was told the medication does not transfer to the baby. I was very happy to find this out. The Dr. made me wait until I was 4 cm before he would order it. ( which is standard procedure) so I had about 7 hrs of natural labor with nothing. I was very happy to have the epidural by then ; )
    Whatever your decision is, you can always change your mind once you are in the moment. Everyone’s experience is different and I found it best to not always listen to all the “advice” people give or even articals on the Internet. All that info for me was too much and made me stress out. You have an excellent head on your shoulders : ) you will be great!

    • Thanks Dana! Yea, I think I need to talk this out more with the doctor. If the baby won’t be affected, pain-free sounds better than painful! And yea, I think I’m going to stop reading all this stuff online. It’s freaking me out and I still have a few months to go!

  5. Hi Laura! The best thing I can tell you is to go into it with an open mind. I had planned to go all natural so I did most of my labor at home (10 hours) and by the time I got to the hospital I was already 8cm. I was totally committed to it but once they hooked me up to monitor my blood pressure they noticed it was dangerously high and the doctor told me if I didn’t have the epidural to calm my body down I was going to have a heart attack-obviously I opted for the epidural at that point! Make the choice that is best for you but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t go exactly how you plan because the end result is amazing no matter how it gets into your arms 🙂

    • Thanks Tiffany! Wow, thank goodness you’re ok! Yea, I’m going to go into it with the goal of no epidural, but if I need it, then I’m fine with that, too. When my mom had kids, her doctor didn’t believe in giving any pain meds during labor so it wasn’t even an option to her whether she wanted them or not. At least I can make a choice when the time comes! 🙂

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