A Boy Named…

We had a lovely name for a girl all picked out if it turned out we were having a girl, but we never could settle on a name for a boy. Just our luck, we’re having a boy and now we’re scrambling to find the perfect fit. Because we can’t take anything seriously, here are some of the funny name ideas we’ve discussed (don’t worry: we aren’t really going to name our child any of these). Feel free to comment with your own name suggestions!

It may help to know that our last name is Ross…

  • Disaster. Disaster Ross.
  • Albat. Albat Ross. (Albatross)
  • Maxibillion (would have been Maximillion, but we had to bump it up due to inflation)
  • Thunder (this is Chad’s favorite)
  • Journey (my favorite)
  • Russ. Russ Ross.
  • Criss C. Ross
  • Ghengis

Funny name story: When we still didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl, my family was sitting around tossing out name ideas for either gender. My dad said, “Why don’t you name her Janet or something?” To which my brother replied, “Did you say they should name her Janitor Something?” So Janitor is now a name on the table. lol.


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