You Know You’re Pregnant When…

You know you’re pregnant when….

  • your hormones are so out of control that the simple act of petting your dog can make you cry uncontrollably for hours.
  • your appetite can range from ravenous for everything that tastes like lemons or lemonade to non-existent for anything with any sort of strong odor or scent.
  •  people you hardly know suddenly feel completely comfortable touching your belly and having full conversations with your mid-section.
  • you are the recipient of words of wisdom and advice from everyone who has ever come in contact with a child.
  • trying on clothes becomes incredibly depressing. Nothing looks good anymore and everything in style is not made for full-bellied women.
  • your belly seems to be both enormous and disappointingly small at the same time.
  • four months of maternity leave doesn’t seem like it will be enough.
  • the mess of a room that will eventually be the baby’s haunts you daily. I should really clean that room up sometime…
  • a baby book with over 1,000 pages of potential baby names still seems inadequate when trying to select a name.
  • it becomes shocking that tiny clothes made of so little fabric, and that will only be worn for a month or two, cost just as much as grown-up clothes.


Just  a few revelations from my first 5 months of pregnancy. More to come…




One thought on “You Know You’re Pregnant When…

  1. Amen sista! Also, when every smell makes you want to throw up. And when bathing suits take on a whole new experience. why do their tiny clothes and shoes cost so much? grrr. but being prego is great! enjoy! you’re in the best stage right now.

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