Hi Baby

I felt your little kick for the first time. It was a strange and wonderful feeling, and now I find myself hoping you will kick all the time. Please don’t get any crazy ideas, my little one. This kicking thing is only ok while you’re in the womb and on soccer fields. Kicking your mother is generally not a good idea and will not be thought of fondly from the moment you exit womb-town. So enjoy it while you can! 

You and I are just returning from our second plane flight together. The first was to San Diego in January and this time we are coming back from Austin. You seem to be a good little flyer and are mostly sleeping through our excursions, which is hopefully a sign of things to come.

I wonder about what you’re doing in there. What do you think about? Are you keeping yourself entertained? I apologize if the place is a mess. You’re the first overnight guest I’ve ever had in my belly. Feel free to spruce up the place to make it feel more comfortable. But not too comfortable… You’re coming out of there in just about four months!


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