It’s a….


We are so happy and excited!! Everyone keeps saying how happy Chad must be (and he is!!), but I’m so happy, too! I can’t wait for little league games, music concerts, seeing him play with our pup, Lily. I can’t wait to see him shoot hoops with my dad and brother or go on his first bicycle ride. Fishing. Camping. Pillow forts. Deciding which instrument to play. Will he take after my grandfather and play the cello? Will he play saxophone or clarinet like my brother? Piano like my grandmother and me? Flute like my mom? Guitar like my dad?

And when we have our next child (jumping the gun, aren’t I?), I can’t wait to see how protective he’ll be of his sibling. How he’ll watch out for him or her. Show him or her the ropes. How to do things. Teach them the rules of the game.

It’s funny. When Chad and I first started dating (a LONG time ago!), we joked that we could never have a kid together because between his energy and mine, we would end up with the craziest, most hyper, active kid on the planet. Now that our little one is on the way, I know we’ll have our hands full. But we both can’t wait for all that fun to begin!


2 thoughts on “It’s a….

  1. this post made me cry! it was so sweet. and you will found out soon, oh so true. boys are crazy, sweet and wonderful all in one! love that you did the cake revealing!

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