20 Weeks

Apparently 20 weeks means we are half way there! That’s still a little hard to believe since my “bump” is  barely noticeable, but we did have another check-up and ultrasound that proved there is, indeed, a baby in there somewhere!

At this point, our little one is 12 ounces (the weight of a can of soda). We got some wonderful, beautiful pictures of our little one at this ultrasound. These were the first pictures where the baby looked like a real baby and not just a blob. 😉

They could have told us at the appointment whether we’re having a girl or a boy, but we decided to find out in a different way. The doctor wrote down what we’re having on a card and we took it to a baker. They’re going to bake a white cake and the frosting on the inside will either be pink or blue, depending on what we’re having. Tonight we heading to my grandparents for the big unveiling/cake eating.

In some ways, I want the suspense to last a little longer, but Chad is dying to know and we do only have about 4 months left… So tonight is the night! A very exciting update will be coming soon…

Here’s my bump at 20 weeks:


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