We’re having a baby! My baby and me!

We are now officially a little more than 3 months along (14 weeks, to be exact) with our little one, but my husband and I both wrote down our thoughts and what we were feeling right after we took our first test and found out that I was pregnant. Here it is:

We just found out (literally, last night) that according to two pee-on-a-stick pregnancy tests… I’m pregnant! Here are our first thoughts running through our mind.

LAURA: My period was two days late, and while I was kidding with Chad about what that might mean, I honestly didn’t think I would actually be pregnant. We had planned to really try to have a baby in a month. We even looked at those ovulation calendars online and planned to avoid the days that would give us the greatest chance of having a kid until next month. But as nature and luck would have it, our little one decided to come early. I wonder if that’s a sign of punctuality to come? This would certainly be the first person in my family to be early rather than late to anything.

I was a bundle of emotions after the first pee-on-a-stick test said we were pregnant. I squinted and looked at that thing for so long before I would believe there was actually a plus sign there instead of a minus. Surely this was just my horrible vision playing tricks on me. I told Chad and we both kinda stared at each other in disbelief. And then our nerves kicked in, and I became terrified. Are we ready for this? How is our life going to change? Oh my gosh, will I be able to withstand the labor pain? Why do they not make people take tests to make sure they’re qualified to have a baby? Who are we to be responsible for a tiny little life? What if we screw this up?

Chad and I sat in bed, staring into each others’ eyes, talking about our fears and wondering how this happened a month before we planned. I am a planner. It is very difficult for me to deal with the unexpected. It’s funny how one little month can make such a huge difference in your mind. After a little while, I took the second pee-on-a-stick test. Chad confirmed (this was not just my eyes playing tricks on me). This one said I was pregnant, too. Well, that does it. I’m officially knocked up. 😉

We both drifted off to sleep, feeling surprised, excited, but mostly scared. I woke up at about 4:30am with a million thoughts running through my mind. I need to clean up the house. We need more money in the bank. Why did I drink wine so much last month? We have so much to do. I lay in bed, listening to Modern Family on the computer, my mind racing a mile a minute. Eventually I took a few deep breaths and fell back to sleep. When I woke up, I still felt a little scared, but the excitement was finally beginning to trump the fear. We’re having a BABY!!

I played this video for Chad and cried.

When I first found out that Laura was pregnant I thought the test was wrong. I was not expecting it to happen for another month or so. I was in shock when Laura took a second test and it again came up positive. I was excited and nervous because I knew life was going to change. Thoughts of job, money, hospital visits and how we are going to prepare for taking care of a baby started to run through my head. I just told myself to get some sleep to see if this was just a dream or if Laura was pregnant for real.

The next morning it was a sure thing and Laura was pregnant. She played this really funny video clip of I Love Lucy when Lucy tells Ricardo that she was pregnant. It was funny and finally set in that we were going to be parents in the near future. We took our dog Lily, for a walk and started talking about all the things that were going to come with the process of having a kid. Everything from picking a name, thinking about the baby’s room, things, bags, bottles, strollers, etc. On the way back home from our walk I saw this family a little older than us walking a dog and their little son and I felt like we can have a family just like they do and I became excited for all the fun things that are ahead of us. Laura and I are on a new adventure and I can’t wait for us to start. Thank goodness I have Laura for a wife. She is positive and I know she is going to be a great mom!



One thought on “We’re having a baby! My baby and me!

  1. Congratulations!

    I was just remembering that first time a few days ago… it seems as if it were only a few days ago sometimes. (it’s the lack of sleep)

    Chad, you may not get as much attention the next few months, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t huge for you… at least it was for me. I freaked.

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