Thanksgiving #2

On Thanksgiving Day, Chad and I spent the morning trying to get any channels at all on our TV. We don’t subscribe to cable, but we thought with the handy converter box my coworker had given me and a new antenna, surely we could at least watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and maybe even a football game or two. We tried for hours to no avail. When the TV situation was doomed to fail, we turned to our laptops and each furiously Googled any available options for live streaming either the parade or football. We had been very successful with this last year, but it looks like TV stations have cracked down to prevent people from doing exactly what we were trying to do.

We grumbled about it for a few minutes, but despite the momentary frustration, we have no intention of getting cable ever again. Or at least not in the near future. We haven’t had cable since we got married, and I have been without it myself for at least 5 or 6 years now. Surprisingly, this Thanksgiving was the first time we were frustrated by our lack of cable, but a couple hours of frustration over missing the parade certainly did not convince us to add a fancy cable package to our monthly bills. It’s just not a priority for us. We’d rather save our pennies for traveling. 😉

After the TV/computer fiasco, we watched The Muppets Christmas movie, which has a funny, special meaning for us. We saw this movie together for this first time on our honeymoon. Then we got ourselves ready, grabbed the apple pie I had baked the day before, and headed over to my parents, where we would drop off the dog and ride with my dad over to my grandparents. My mom and brother were already there, helping set up all the food.

My dad walked into quite a surprise when we arrived. His childhood best friend and his wife were at my grandparents, waiting to surprise him. They live in Idaho, so we don’t see them often, but the two of them have been best buds since about 3rd grade. It definitely made my dad’s day to see them standing there when he walked in.

After eating way too many snacks and watching one football game after another, we all finally sat down to a huge Thanksgiving dinner, complete with vegetarian options for our two vegetarians at the table: my brother and my cousin.

We all sat together and enjoyed the food, laughter, and love that seemed to fill every inch of the room that evening. As I looked around the room, I felt so thankful to be able to share this moment with the people I love so much. It was one of those moments you don’t want to end. I don’t want a minute to change, and I don’t want to even think that there will ever come a day when all these people aren’t able to share these moments with me.


One thought on “Thanksgiving #2

  1. Ο/Η dimitris λέει:oxi re sy kabteaals pws to ennow to prosopo. alla kyriws bgainei karta me thn fwnh k thn to spiti kathoti fainetai arketa k yparxei k kapoio antikeimeno sto video poy prodidei thn taytothta ths kanonikotata ( na mhn epektathw ) pantws se eyxaristw gia thn grhgorh antidrash (ton swsame ton theio apo kana egkefaliko ) k xairomai poy isxyei to moto oti apla me ena report sebesai k den xreiazetai tipote allo! always a fan!

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