Ross Thanksgiving #1

As has become customary for Chad and I, we enjoyed two Thanksgivings–one with Chad’s parents and the other with my extended family. I spent most of Wednesday baking two apple pies to take to each respective Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving #1 began Wednesday afternoon. We all piled into the car, pup and all, carefully balancing the apple pie on my lap as we drove the twisty swervy curvy road to Chad’s parents.

The aroma of Thanksgiving eats filled the air, and our pup Lily was on a mission to find their hidden location. We snacked on some delicious food as Chad and his dad watched football. Chad’s mom showed me some of the baby blankets she made for a family friend’s daughter who is expecting a little one in February.

Then we sat down to dinner: turkey, mashed potatoes (made from some special Food Network recipe that included bacon, cheese, sour cream, and more), stuffing, pearl onions, and cranberries. It was all delicious. We finished the meal with a taste of the apple pie I had brought. I thought it turned out pretty good. 😉

After dinner, we dropped the pup at my parents and Chad quickly changed into some clothes he could play ball in and we headed to a rec ball park in Pleasant Hill where Chad was subbing for a friend’s adult softball team.

Chad was so excited he could barely sit still. He hadn’t played in a game of any sort in a long time. His first at bat resulted in a grounder, but on his second at bat, he blasted a home run well over the head of the right fielder. Since there are no fences to hit it over, he still had to sprint around the bases to beat out the throw home, but he made it safe and sound! I think it was the only home run of the game, and Chad was grinning from ear to ear. He also made a great double-play during the game (got an out at home and threw out the runner at first). All-in-all, he couldn’t have been happier after the game. He joked that he should just retire in his prime.

It was such a fun evening. Hopefully this can become a new Ross Thanksgiving tradition!


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