Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated 2 years of marriage! I can’t believe it’s already been two years, but at the same time, it seems like our wedding was so long ago. So much has happened since then. In that short time, we’ve already been through good times and bad (not between each other, but just bad times in general) and our relationship is stronger for both.

Since our anniversary happened to fall on a Monday, we were pretty low-key. We just had a bite to eat and went to see a movie (the new J. Edgar Hoover movie… we’re a sucker for history stuff). On Friday, we’re going to really celebrate and go stay at a cabin in the snow in Strawberry (close to Pinecrest and Yosemite).

The theme for the 2nd anniversary is cotton, so we gave each other clothes. Chad gave me a satin-y set of Victoria Secret pajamas, and I gave him the North Face sweatshirt he had lost on our Europe trip (a new one… I wasn’t able to recover the actual one he lost).

Some of my favorite moments from our past 2 years of marriage:

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