Date Nights

I’m sure we’re not the only couple that slips into a date night rut every now and then. Suddenly we find ourselves going to the same movie theater for the fourth week in a row, grabbing a bite at the same restaurant, sitting in the same seats, ordering the same food… To snap ourselves out of that, we’ve come up with some of my all-time favorite dates. Here are a few of them, and while they are Bay Area-specific, I’m sure there is something comparable in your neck of the woods!

1. Ferry ride across the Bay followed by a Giants game

2. Dinner out in Little Italy in San Francisco (favorite restaurant = Mona Lisa)

3. Whitewater rafting

4. A play in SF

5. Concert (Journey is probably our favorite so far… beat out Dave Matthews!)

6. Horseback riding on the beach

7. Oktoberfest (there’s some sort of beer-drinking celebration in almost any town)

8. College sporting event

9. Sailing!

10. Camping

11. Hiking and picnics (with the pup!)

12. Piano Bar

13. Travel somewhere new together
Chad and I in Seattle:

14. Visit a museum
At Cal Academy of Science:

At De Young Museum:

15. Wine tasting

16. The fair

17. The beach (some of our favorites: Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay), usually with our pup!

18. Yosemite

19. 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon (also fun to train together!)
Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Run:

20. Play games together

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