Jennifer’s Visit

My friend, Jennifer, came to visit about a week ago. She just moved back to LA after living in NYC for a couple years for law school. Her BF got transferred back to LA, so she’ll be finishing up school at Loyola Marymount.

It was so nice to see her! We always have great intellectual conversations when we get together, and I really look forward to them. We talked about all sorts of things–from the election to constitutional law to marriage–and had a great time. On Friday night, we went out to one of favorite spots in town, the local dueling piano bar. Jennifer had never been to a piano bar, so this was a new and unusual experience for her. The night was packed with people-watching (there were three girls there who were most certainly professional models) and odd encounters. Two older men tried to hit on us, and I was reminded of how creepy guys can be. One of the men kept smelling my hair and telling me how great it smelled and that he was going to go buy the exact same shampoo. Hmmm… does that pickup line work on everyone? Because I just felt like the scent of shampoo should not be that unfamiliar to him…

On Saturday, we went for a hike at Mt. Diablo, a wonderful State Park only a few miles from my house that I visit far too rarely.

After the hike, we got cleaned up and headed to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant called Maria Maria. We joked about just snacking on chips and salsa and water and then leaving, but before we could even place our order for food, the power went out on the whole block, including the restaurant, and they were unable to serve us any food at all. The plan worked!

With our tummies stuffed full of the three servings of chips and salsa that we had consumed, we got in the car and I took Jennifer to BART and she headed off to the airport and back home to LA. It was a wonderful visit while it lasted (blackout and all!), and I miss her already!


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