Europe Trip, Day 18: Vernazza to Zurich by Train

We woke up fairly early, said farewell to Vernazza and Cinque Terre, and climbed aboard the train for one last train journey, destination Zurich.

While Vernazza was a perfect end to our trip, with plenty of opportunities for rest and the simple pleasures of food, wine, and good company, we were almost ready to head home. We took in every last minute of the long train ride to Zurich and watched as the countryside transformed before our eyes, from Italian villas and vineyards to Swiss greenery, chalets, and farm animals.

The train station in Zurich was impeccably clean, as were the streets of the city. We checked in at our hotel (Hotel Leoneck), which was quintessentially Swiss, complete with cow accents throughout. The hotel restaurant seemed a bit too touristy, so we took an evening stroll from our hotel through the old town of Zurich and found the perfect Swiss restaurant. Although I was incredibly hungry, I made the mistake of ordering something was “typically Swiss” but also required that I cook it on a little grill at my table, adding a bit of time to my wait before I could actually start eating. Chad had rosti and sausages, my mom sampled some rosti, and my dad tried the macaroni and cheese (although we all swapped and shared). Then we strolled back along the streets and along the river that ran through town, admiring the beautiful buildings and the serene feeling of the night. The next morning we would board our plane home, but at this moment, strolling through this lovely European town, we secretly wished we could extend our trip a little longer and preserve this stress-free, happy feeling for just a few more days.


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