Europe Trip, Day 9: Munich on a Sunday

One great tip we received from our new German friends that we met at Oktoberfest was to come back again on Monday. They said we could probably get a table on Monday (Oktoberfest began on Saturday) since all the Germans would be at work. This sounded like a great plan to us, but that only left one problem. What would we do on Sunday?

We had sketched out several options for what to do, including taking a train trip to see castles in the countryside, visiting a town called Rotterdam (which Chad called Rothlesburger ;)) to see their huge year-round Christmas store, to taking a walking tour of Munich. Unfortunately, all of these activities would be exponentially more fun if the weather was lovely, and on this particular Sunday, it was not.

The rain that had crushed our tent the night before remained the following day and literally put a damper on our plans. We were still somewhat tired from the very long at Oktoberfest on Saturday, so we decided to leisurely make our way through Munich and see the sights on our own. Unfortunately, we were so tired that we weren’t really paying attention to the tram we hopped on and ended up taking the scenic route to main area of town. Actually, we completely missed town and ended up riding a tram that was heading for the suburbs. We didn’t even realize it until we had been riding around for about 45 minutes. Yep, we were tired. And German streets have very long, confusing names!

Eventually, we hopped off and got on the right train and made our way to the Hofbrau. This is like an Oktoberfest beer tent that is open year-round. It’s one of the main highlights on any tour of Munich and it was nearing lunchtime, so it seemed like the perfect place to start our tour (and it was raining fairly hard at this point).

As opposed to the day before at Oktoberfest, we were able to get a table right away! The tables at these restaurants/beer tents are long and similar to a very large picnic table. Multiple families sit together at one table and after a few beers, you get to know your neighbors. Ours were playing a fun game of cards while we were there.

We ordered a chicken (supposed to be a good thing to eat at a Hofbrau), a pretzel, beer, and an apfelstrudel. YUM!

There was a live band playing traditional German music and every once in awhile the entire place would join in a song. It was such a festive, fun atmosphere and we were wondering if this is what it would be like if we ever got a seat in a tent at Oktoberfest.

After lunch, we strolled around the main area of Munich, looking in the windows of shops because almost everything was closed on a Sunday. We thought we might make another attempt at finding underwear, since our supply was running low, but there was truly nothing open that might sell some. Even as we made our way back to the train station, the only business we found that was open was Starbucks.

We made our way back to The Tent, thankful that the cafeteria there stayed open on Sundays so we could share a warm bowl of chili and a beer on this cold and rainy night. We chatted with some of our campsite friends from Amsterdam and learned that they were leaving bright and early the next morning so they would not be able to join us in our final attempt at a table the next day.

The staff at the tent said they had two beds open up in their large tent filled with bunk beds, so we were given yet another place to stay at the campground. It was nice to not be sleeping on the floor, but it was such a cold night that Chad and I ended up snuggling together on one bunk all night, keeping each other warm with body warmth and the blankets we borrowed from the campsite.


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